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COURTIN A STORM are a 5 piece covers band playing popular hit songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They play regularly at pubs, clubs, weddings, parties and corporate events.

The band's broad range of music is selected to cater for all tastes and age groups. Each event has a tailored set-list to suit the occasion. The act is lively and entertaining with many well-known songs that are not heard so often nowadays.

In the summer of 2009, COURTIN A STORM were spotted by a talent scout for a local record producer, Charles Foskett. This is where the dream really kicked in !

“Home Lights Shining” is a unique blend of rock, country and pop. The band's second single, "Let Me Say", is in stark contrast to their first and demonstrates COURTIN A STORM's versatility through their rendition of this superb ballad.

Take a look at our set list and see how many songs you could sing-a-long to ! If you want to bring your party alive ….. get COURTIN A STORM.



I remember at the age of 5 standing in front of a mirror with a hair brush as a microphone and singing along to Elvis, Tom, Engelbert, Swinging Blue Jeans, Dave Clark Five and dreaming of being a pop star. Just like most kids I guess !

I didn’t do much with this dream except annoy other bands at parties and sing Johnny B Goode with them whenever a band would let me! But this dream lived on until one day I took my son Gus to a vocal coach and, of course, had a go myself. This gave the confidence I needed to get up and have a go properly.

One thing led to another and I met up with the guys in COURTIN A STORM. The rest, as they say, is history. Except one thing..... I now need the microphone much more than a hairbrush !



My first musical experience was to learn the piano in primary school, all the way to Grade III. I soon lost interest in favour of football. When my brother bought a guitar he taught us both to play.

I was 10 years old at the time. I played in my first band when I was 17 years old and we played a regular weekend slot at The Fairfield Tavern in Kingston, Surrey.

Then work, marriage, fatherhood and poverty took over, lasting several years, until a fateful chance discussion with Roger led us to form our band in 2004.


I started playing bass guitar just before starting university and while there played in a couple of bands. Between the two bands, I played in venues from Holyhead up to Liverpool. On a good night there might even have been an audience !

Then, like the rest of the band, marriage and family life intervened and the bass went into hibernation. A desire to get gigging again and a chance conversation led to me meeting up with Martin and Roger.

After a successful audition (ok, I had the gear and found Charndon Village Hall), I joined Martin and Roger and have been “the quiet one at the back” ever since.



From a young age there were always musical instruments in my home for me to experiment with.  At the age of 12 I began learning the saxophone at school. Through the years I played saxophone in a concert band, marching band, the school jazz band and a jazz ensemble.

The American Air Force took me away from my music and my country. After leaving the Air Force and college, where I learned a little bit more piano, my growing family and I moved back to England. I started relearning guitar and a few other instruments. I also fronted a local band called ‘No Highway’ for 10 years and still participate in a church music program. I found that there was a niche for teaching private music lessons. The dad of one of my students, Paul, asked me about playing keyboard for the band he was in.

I auditioned for the motley crew and found that my keyboard talents were just what they were looking for. I threw my first love, the sax., in for good measure and I’ve sang 'Shang a Lang' and 'ran with the gang' ever since!



I guess I was always destined to play the drums as from an early age I enjoyed setting up my moms’ pots and pans and hitting them with wooden spoon handles ! My mom thought otherwise and paid for piano lessons ... not quite what I had in mind ! Eventually I managed to persuade her to buy me a real drum kit.

Practicing every available hour, day and night much to the annoyance of family and neighbours, I then convinced a few friends that we were good enough to form a band called ‘Limited Stop’. We started performing regularly on the working men’s club circuit around the Midlands. We split after a couple of years and I subsequently joined several other bands before moving south with my job and was forced to sell the drum kit to buy a car.

As with the other guys in COURTIN A STORM, family life took over until I met up with Martin in 2004.  I have owned a few drum kits since then ... like I say ‘Never say never and always try everything twice !’